Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy (Insert Holiday of your Choice...)

By now Thanksgiving must be over in the United States, even though for most of our Friday it is Thursday there. I hope all of my blog friends are happily tucked up in bed digesting their turkey (or tofurkey or festive meal of your choice).

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but today was my daughter #2's birthday - a quarter of a century as daughter #1 put it - so we had a family roast lamb dinner, followed by cake. Unfortunately my favourite chocolate cake recipe has been letting me down lately, for some reason it won't rise properly, so we had a very heavy soggy cake, but it still tasted delicious. Lots of conversation with silly banter and laughter even though if I wrote the conversation down (which I didn't), I suspect I would look at it afterwards and think "Why did we laugh at that?"

Then the two girls wanted me to give them lifts home, so I dropped daughter #1 at her house, and took daughter #2 to a friend's house, then both girls into town where they were going to continue the celebration by going to a strip club. And then I headed home and came to a police road block. Oh crap! I thought. Even though I had only had a glass and a half of wine and was fairly sure I was OK. Which I was. Passed the breath test with no problems. It's a good thing I didn't have any of the whisky that we gave the birthday girl to sample (a very fine whisky brought back from the smallest distillery in Scotland). (Which was, of course, why she wanted a lift to her friend's house, where she had left her scooter, and why the girls wanted a lift into town, and why they were planning to get a taxi home afterwards).

Driving after a glass and a half of wine - about three times as much wine as my usual quota with dinner - is about as wild as my life gets. Which doesn't seem much qualification for being a writer, even a writer of blog posts. But I promised a post a day in November, so this is what you get.

And since everyone seems to be noting what they are thankful for, today I am thankful for family, and birthdays, since getting older is way better than the alternative.


Deb R said...

Happy Catherine's Daughter's Birthday! :-)

kenju said...

I definitely agree about birthdays! A strip club? I've never been to one, but maybe I should schedule that before I get too old! LOL
Michele sent me.

Shannin said...

Here via Michele - Happy Birthday to all..

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to Catherine. Daughters going to strip clubs moms drinking and driving well that's livened my morning up....

Thanks for the visit and the comment



Shari said...

I'm not much of a drinker myself and if I do have one, it gets to my head too fast.

Your girls are smart to know when not to drive. :)

Michele sent me to say hi.

paris parfait said...

Well that is a momentous birthday and reason to celebrate! Glad you didn't have a problem w/ the roadblock test.

Kay Cooke said...

I agree - way better to be getting older than younger! Or staying the same for that matter. Sounds like a great family time, which are always the best times.