Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day 27, Part 1: Penrith

It's late, so I'm splitting my account of our last day in England into two parts. Tonight, I am posting a few photos that I took first thing in the morning. I got up early and went for a stroll around Penrith, which is a conservation area.

This is the Gloucester Arms where we had dinner the night before:

The front of the bar is ornately carved. It is apparently made from the timber of the bed that Richard III slept in.

A view down one of the small lanes:

I was rather taken with this shop. It reads "James and John Graham est 1793. Family Grocers. Agricultural seed cake and manure merchants. Italian warehousemen tea and provision merchants." Quite a combination!

And of course, I had to get a shot of this small shopping precinct named "Poets Walk". Penrith was the home town of Wordsworth's parents, and he attended school in the town for a couple of years, so I suspect he is the poet alluded to here.

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Kay Cooke said...

Ah! The history ... amazing, we kiwis cannot help but be stunned by it.