Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Poem: White



white is proud
she scorns light's caress
returns all gifts
has no form
does not possess
her own shadows


the baptismal gown
the daisy chain
the picket fence
the clean sheet

the fallen petals
the spider’s web
the far mountains
the ghost moon

the sharp fang
the winding cloth
the sepulchre
the bleached bones

I have been tidying up my computer files - initially, a relatively simple system of filing my poems and recording submissions was fine, but over the years the number has grown and the information is scattered, so I have started recording all published poems on one spreadsheet.

"White" is a poem from some years back, first published in Takahe issue 50. I always wanted to make it three sections, but the third didn't want to be found, so it remained at two.

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