Tuesday, April 10, 2007

NaPoWriMo #8

Today's prompt: "at first blush".
It wasn't until I did a search at that I found this phrase had a meaning I wasn't familiar with: "without previous knowledge or adequate consideration". I don't think it is used in New Zealand English. I was thinking more of the "first blush of dawn" and wondering how to avoid sentimentality.

I'm getting to the point of wondering why on earth I set out to do this. A poem a day? When I get up, go to work, come home, do housework and collapse tired into bed? I must be nuts! I couldn't possibly keep going if I worried about whether what I am writing is any good or not. I may or may not cringe when I come back to it after the month is over. Much of my working out is done in the car, or similar places. What seems like a good idea then tends to feel really stupid when I come to write it down. There's nothing to be done about that but to carry on regardless, I don't have time to stress about quality. Thank goodness for the prompts - even if I think I have nothing to say on a subject, it stops me dithering and changing my mind all day. The prompt is the prompt and that is that. (But I'm thinking of resorting to a few days of haiku, just to keep the count up).

At First Blush

1. The dawn, the rose bud,
the baby's chek.

2. The man who gives you this card
is an air raid warden. Lie down
on the floor and do exactly
as he tells you.

3. At first, blush. Later,
learn to join in.

4. She draws an "f" from the bag of tiles.
She changes "blush" to "flush"
From innocence to guilt. Or rage.

5. After the petals fall
the thorns, the blood.


Jan said...

Youre going great. And this is just superb.

la vie en rose said...

i think you're doing a fabulous job! keep it up!

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

I especially liked the way you used the bag of tiles to change the thought: "From innocence to guilt. Or rage."

Anonymous said...

despite your words to the contrary, these do look effortless. they all have an amazing flow to them and i like the varying items you have come up with here. keep going, keep going (another other words of encouragement).


Pip said...

I empathise both with your attempts to avoid sentimentality with this prompt, and with your struggle to fit writing in around everything else you need to do each day! I love the way you have organised this poem, and the way you have messed around with phrasing to create different interpretations of the prompt. This is the kind of poem I would love to be clever enough to have written myself!