Monday, April 30, 2007

NaPoWriMo #28

For aeons they vibrated slowly
as neighbours, in the slow flow
from the pole to the sea.
Then with a thunderous crash
(does the iceberg's split
make a noise
if there is no one to hear it?)
they are rent apart.
One molecule still frozen fast
in the edge of the ice shelf.
One floating northwards,
soon to melt and join the ocean currents.
Later, it's one time neighbour
will also join the ocean.
Currents will keep them
far apart. The icebergs
are making their slow trek

For the prompt "split" at Poetry Thursday.

Only one more to go! Yes, it's the last day in April. I started two days late. Despite the heading of this post, I have written 29 poems in 28 days (one post included two poems on the same prompt). I was tempted to try and post my thirtieth poem today, but I am enjoying the prompts, so it looks as if I will have to wait until it's Monday in America, and post my last poem on May 1st. I don't think that's breaking the rules too much (besides, who makes the rules anyway?)

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Jone said...

Hi, I read your comment on Tammy's blog about having a hard time keeping up with comments during this month. I have one more poem to write fro the month as well. It has causede a slow down in visitng others, hasn't it? But it has been fun. Congrats on writ\ting 30 poems.