Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NaPoWriMo #21

On the home straight now - I think I'm ready to be done with NaPoWriMo. Of course, if one of the coming prompts inspires me again, I'll get excited about it for another day. I can never tell which prompt that is going to be. (For a list of the daily prompts, see Poetry Thursday)

This is post number 21, but I wrote two poems for one of the prompts, so that's 22 poems all up - eight to go. (Yes, it's the 24th. But I am one behind, and we are a day ahead of the US here, so I think I have it right).


How could summer have slipped away
in all its burgeoning, blossoming splendour?
The garden a blaze of colour,
then some day while you are inside,
not looking, sweeping the floor
or intent on a computer monitor,
it’s gone. You didn’t notice
that petal by fading petal,
one darkening evening minute
at a time, it was leaving.
The skies are grey now, the wind cool,
the leaves falling. But some days
the sun shines brightly, as if to say,
“not lost, just misplaced”.
You in the north, do you have
our summer? Please take care of it
for us, send it back when you are done with it
in six months time.

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