Thursday, April 19, 2007

NaPoWriMo #17

Today is Poetry Thursday. I didn't follow the suggestion to print out the template and leave poems in various places, guerilla style. I may try it in the future - if I do, I am thinking that I may print out this poem and leave it at various spots around the airport near where I work - on the magazine racks in the bookstore, among the tourist brochures. Another day, when I have more time.

I did get home though, and find a set of these poetry postcards in my mail. They come from the Scottish Poetry Library by way of my friend M at Creative Voyage. Thanks M!

As it is NaPoWriMo, and I am following the daily prompts, here is my poem using the prompt "tick tock"

The Waiting Room

tick tock
the clock
on the wall
sweeps the seconds
as he flicks
through the pages
of a magazine

tick tock
doesn't see
the words
a child pushes
a toy car
back and forth
back and forth

tick tock
door opens
door closes
people walk
in and out

tick tock
looks up
looks away
looks up
the doctor
in a white coat
stethoscope swinging
like the pendulum
of a clock
tick tock


Crafty Green Poet said...

I like how you carry the rhythm all the way through this. Tick tock.

Those postcards look very familiar!

Clockworkchris said...

I loved the repetition and especially the doctor's stethoscope. That is one thing I would never consider being clock like in any way.

Anonymous said...

oh I'm so glad that they arrived!

I have a few more for you which I will send on. I'm sorry about the time its taken but sadly postage has been in short supply in the creative voyage ship!

Jan said...

So crisp, Catherine. Absolutely right for the topic..
And just as I said that ( sorry, typed that...) my clock struck here...

gautami tripathy said...

tick tock works very well here. I liked the various images created by it.

Regina said...

Waiting for the doctor can seem interminable! The ending was just perfect!

Anonymous said...

Like CGP says, the rhythm is perfect. You've recreated that atmosphere of anxiety. I'm so impressed that you're following the daily prompts!

Pip said...

I wrote about waiting rooms and magazines as well! I'm going out tomorrow to spread some guerilla poetry, weather permitting.

BTW: I'm assuming you're the Catherine who recommended a poetry book to Leonie. The two of you made my birthday (see my blog for further details), so thanks!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your poetry styles. They inspire me into new ways of thinking...this poem's rhythm spoke to me.

I like to visit here....

Thanks for sharing every day!