Wednesday, April 04, 2007

NaPoWriMo #2

From the third prompt at Poetry Thursday : perennial


You have planted a garden
of bitter herbs, of everything
that has spines and thorns.

You are bored even with the colours
of your happiness. You want flowers
of different hues. You are moving

to another part of town. Do not expect
things to be different there. You carry
your seeds with you: in your hair,

under your fingernails, caught in the folds
of your desires. With every exhalation
they shower onto the earth.


Kay Cooke said...

Another succinct beauty - there is a strong character coming through the poetry you are writing for NaPoWriMo - mainly because you are consistently using the third person. This has delightful details - e.g seeds in the hair.Love it.

Anonymous said...

i like the idea of carrying things around like seeds, to scatter and fall wherever we go. great use of the prompt!

Deb R said...

I like this poem very much, Catherine! So much truth there.

January said...

I like the idea of the seeds as things you carry. You say NaPoWriMo is hard but you make it look easy.

Michelle said...

Very nice. Carrying seeds with you -- your choice the flavor -- too bad the choices this person made.

I will be sure to come back for more -- these are very good.