Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NaPoWriMo #22

I suspect this one is fundamentally flawed because of my tenuous knowledge of Greek mythology - never mind, I want it out of the way so I can get onto the next one.

The prompt for the day is "pluck"

High School Reunion

Three of the Sirens
are propping up the bar
After high school they left the band,
gave up singing. Not such a pretty sight
drunk like that, one of them
staggering off to the bathroom.
Icarus is telling a rambling story -
how he didn't die, as everyone thought,
but was rescued by a passing fishing boat.
Spent three years in physical therapy,
but now you hardly notice the limp.
He told his old man to rack off,
no way was he going to be an engineer.
Now he drives a truck, has three days
growth of stubble. Medusa now
- still formidable, you have to be
to run a top company, but what's with the story
about the snakes? No one can quite recall
who it was she was supposed to have turned to stone.
Now she goes to the best hairstylist in town.
Arachne is a minor fashion designer,
but doesn't wear her own label
- too dumpy to fit into clothes
designed to flatter a size 8.
Jupiter looks sallow. His liver is failing -
too many steroids, and Apollo looks like
an ageing Elvis. There are success stories,
of course, but they are not always
the ones you would expect. Somebody
nobody remembers - sidekick to some hero
or other, and now here they are
all filled out, and looking stunning.
Only Oedipus is missing.
Someone should have made him come,
so he would have known,
no need to pluck his eyes out.
Time will do it for you -
Jocasta will grow old, fat, unattractive,
while other beauties draw his gaze.
Now,sightless and mad,
he sees his mother as eternally
beautiful, while blind to what the others
have become.

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Anonymous said...

oh now, that is EXCELLENT. brought a smile to my face. your use of the prompts amazes me.

Jan said...

This is wonderful stuff, Catherine.
Reminded me somehow of CarolAnn Duffy's work....her monologue poetry in particular
What ARE these poetry prompts? I keep hearing about them, but have no idea what they are!