Monday, September 25, 2006

Windows and Doorways

This week's haiku theme at onedeepbreath is windows and doorways

beads bags and bowlers
tempt upward glancing shoppers
up the narrow stairs

The shop is Shand's Emporium in Christchurch - the building dates back to the very early days of settlement in the 1850s.

Beyond the entrance on the right of the photo is a steep stairway leading to the upstairs rooms, whose windows are shown in the upper photo.


Jodi said...

Lovely images and haiku!

paris parfait said...

I would definitely be enticed to go in! Thanks for sharing the great photos and your lovely haiku.

Becca said...

Love the "beads, bags, and bowlers"!

Nicely done :)

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't I love to check out that place! You never know what waits beyond the doorway.

Tammy Brierly said...

How cool is that shop and how it provided that perfect first line. Enchanting!

JP (mom) said...

Awesome! I would be tempted up the narrow staircase :-)

Tia said...

Hi Catherine... yes, in reference to your comment on my blog earlier... this morning at work people were commenting on how some survey in England named NZ as the #1 most beautiful spot on earth... so you might be right about being disappointed when you get to travel! Unless you know to be looking for other things reather than breathtaking natural beauty. Everyone I have ever spoken to who's been here says the same, I believe the exact quote is "paradise on earth!" So I know it's not just me.

susanlavonne said...

Love this glimpse into your part of the quaint :-)
And the haiku gives me a glimpse into's lovely.

Anonymous said...

i love the alliteration of the first line! great haiku.