Saturday, September 23, 2006

In the Garden

I spent a fair bit of the day in the garden, weeding, hanging out laundry etc. But I also took the time to look around. At this time of year it seems to change every day. So, I took a whole bunch of photos.
This one is for Vickie at Laundry on a London Line

I'm not sure if this style of clothes line is found other than in New Zealand and Australia. Most homes have them here, they rotate so you can stand in one spot and hang all the laundry out. You can see some branches of the cherry tree that P. has been cutting down. Sadly, it is just way too close to the house and too big. And we never beat the birds to the cherries, anyway.

I love the new leaves on the maple trees, I think that is just about the most perfect shade of green ever.

The wisteria has just started blooming in the last few days. Again, such a wonderful shade of green, and it goes so well with the light purple.

The magnolias have been blooming for a while, and they are shedding petals in thick fleshy piles all over the lawn.

This plant is honesty. It is growing very thickly in the border under the grape vine. We never planted it, it just arrived. Later it will have flat oval translucent seed pods.

As sunset arrived, I noticed that there was a good view from the top of the ladder where P. had been trimming the tree. So he went to get his camera..

My turn!


Sarah Jane said...

Beutiful pictures Catherine! I am stunned at how gorgeous your plants are. Can I live there too? I'll just set up a little tent under your cherry tree and be calm and peaceful.

Michelle sent me, and I'll be back!

craziequeen said...

Hi Catherine - what beautiful flowers - I do like Honesty! And the wisteria is an incredible colour....

Michele sent me


Tia said...

Hi Catherine! How gorgeous! It's only day 3 for me here, and I am already in love. Spring time here appears just lovely!

Leah said...

Indeed, great photos!

So you have lovely nice warm weather where you are huh? Enjoy!

Hi from Michele!

paris parfait said...

Gorgeous photos!

KAY PERE said...

It was nice to get a glimpse into your surroundings. Gorgeous photos!

The plant with the purple flowers and translucent pods may be the same plant we call a "money plant" here in the US. It's one of B's favorites. His mother grew it in their tiny yard in the Bronx and made arrangements of the dried pods.

:-), Kay