Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday Update

I was going to post a "Monday Miscellany" but I got lazy.
I spent Sunday at a poetry workshop about which I have mixed feelings. I love the workshop presenter, love my poetry friends who took the workshop with me, and had a great time. But I doubt that it will lead to better poetry (from me, anyway). New Zealand is too small a place to keep taking workshops for long and expect fresh ideas, at least in any workshop as short as one day. What I learnt is that it is within me. It is up to me. (There was a travel writing workshop, too. I'm thinking I should have taken that one instead. I need to know about potential markets, now that I am actually planning to do some travel.)

The workshop was held at the Christchurch Arts Centre, which is situated in the Gothic Revival buildings of the former university. At lunchtime we bought food from the ethnic food stalls and sat outside in the sun while a busker sang under the stone arches. I took photographs, and my friend took this one of me. For once I'm willing to let it out in public, though the shadows are a bit strong.

Our garden is changing every day. The tulips are bloooming and opening up from cups to flat starshaped saucers. The magnolia tree is covered in tight buds. The curl on this tulip petal caught my eye:


Moon said...

Sounds like u had an interesting day to say the least. I love the photos..Lovely photo of you! Great buildings in the background aswell.
Here via Michele's, have a great day.

jsdaughter said...

What wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing with us.. Here via Michele..

paris parfait said...

Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing them, as well as glimpses into your poetry workshop and nature's beauty.

Tia said...

The photo of you is beautiful!

As for my post and your comment there (about my name) - my given name is Tanjariitta (the Finns and their double vowels and consonants, huh!?). The only reason I didn't use it as my blog identity was because of being a therapist (and with adolescents yet.) I figured if any of them decided to google me I wouldn't necessarily want them to find my blog..... =)