Saturday, July 21, 2007

Just Relaxing at Home

After a busy week at work, it's good to have a day doing nothing much, once in a while. So, when my eye caught on the collection of objects on my windowsill, I decided to make that my photo for the day.

Among other things, there is a pile of chestnuts (I love them, in autumn I often carry one round in my pocket to feel its smoothness), a gum leaf, an empty crab shell, a smooth white stone, and jars full of pencils, brushes etc (it's been way too long since I used those).

The tall round object is a sort of Korean toy drum that my daughter gave me. There is also a shiny toy windmill that was a giveaway at the market day from Heritage Week a few weeks back. The light bulb is one I took from my lamp to replace it with a low energy bulb. I kept it, since it still works.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

I noticed on a container of drinking chocolate powder that it is "made in New Zealand, packaged in Australia". So, they ship it over there to pack it, and then they ship it back. What kind of sense is that?

And the brand of yoghurt we buy not only has a best by date, it now has an actual time. As in "best by 13 August 4.04 pm". I wonder what happens if you are half way through a spoonful when the clock ticks over?


Mike said...

You have your window sill. At our house we have a "junk" drawer where all the odds and ends of our life are stored.

Michele sent me.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL< LOL...Love that Yohurt Date/Time deal....I have not heard of that before....It seemns kind of Anal-Retentive, or a Joke!

I Love all those things in your picture...It is a whole little world reflecting your bigger world, my dear...And it's like a work of art!

Michele sent me here this morning...And now, I'm going to Zzzzzzland....!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's a well put together picture, Catherine.

Michele sent me over here.

Anonymous said...

I love chestnuts, too, and have one on my Poetry Emergency Kit.

Kay Cooke said...

I love the collection - and by a strange co-incidence, earlier, my eye too was taken by some glass on our windowsill - I guess it's the low winter sun highlighting! I may just post my photo as well - we'll see how it turns out. Your Marmite jar is a classic! And that yoghurt Use By date with an actual time, well that just kills me!