Monday, July 16, 2007


"Skipping" - statue at the Christchurch Arts Centre. The fine Victorian Gothic buildings in the background were once the home of the University of Canterbury, and now house various art studios and shops.

The artist Mackenzie Thorpe says "when someone asked me about the piece recently, I talked about children who may be living in war-torn areas, who have little in the way of material goods, but if you give them a stick, they will turn it into a car or airplane, for example. If they find a piece of rope or washing line, they have a skipping rope. In Skipping you can see the joy, it's just apparent.....I think Skipping is a hopeful piece, it makes me laugh and it gives me hope."

I'm hoping to add a photo a day to my blog, if possible it will be a fresh one each day but if I don't manage to take any I like, I have quite a few in my archives to draw on.


Julie said...

It would be a challenge NOT to smile when viewing this fun piece of art.

I'll look forward to seeing your daily photos.

David Edward said...

i have not taken or posted many photos lately, but I am doing some creative writing ( or I am crazy)
it is summer ( here ) and i am limited in my time on the (last) computer in the house.

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a wonderful sculpture! Very alive and happy!