Friday, July 13, 2007

Grumpy on Friday

Today I am feeling grumpy over something that is so trivial that I'm not going to share the details. Two things, actually. They make me feel lacking in social skills, probably because I am. (That's why we blog, I guess). I was thinking about those polls that ask if you could go back and change something in your life, would you? Well, I could answer that I want a different husband, or a nicer house, or more travel, or to have a better job, but would I be happier? Probably not.

There are people on earth with better lives, and there are others (the vast majority, no doubt) who are worse off. And what would really make my life better would be to learn how to inhabit the life I have with more grace and generosity.

In the meantime, to cheer myself, and the rest of you, up, here is a spot of sunny yellow. This odd little building is a vintage clothing store, whose window display caught my eye while I was driving to work. Fortunately, I carry my camera with me more and more often these days.


Pat said...

Oh Catherine - how i empathise. I have just gone off on one because the strainer had been put in a strange place and I needed to wash strawberries before family arrive. It is so ridiculous and sadly since blogging my language has become more colourful. Now i'm really ashamed of myself.
I really love that picture - it's amazing!
Here from Michele's and glad I came.

Bernie said...

Hey there,
Thanks for stopping by and wishing us good luck. As 'luck' would have it, this mornings blood test shows that the Estrogen level has dramitcaly risen, enough for the first internal ultrasound!

I will try and blog about it over the weekend...

That shop window looks amazing, I had to show 'L' and she concurred! Where is it?? As it might be trivial, don't let what ever it is, build up and become worse, simply move on is my best advice!

Looks as though we might be coming your way later this year. I have been accepted to present my research in Hamilton in October, and we are going to Ellerslie again and, at this stage, going in via Auckland, but returning via Christchurch!

Talk soon...

carmilevy said...

I found myself nodding as I read through this entry, Catherine. I think we're all in that same place more often than we'd like to admit.

You're not alone.

This picture is divine; a perfect composition that validates why you carry your camera with you these days. Beautifully captured, and the kind of picture that totally speaks to me.

Julie said...

"to learn how to inhabit the life I have with more grace and generosity" - Yes, these words describe my feelings also.

I have not allowed myself the luxury of visiting my blogging friends who I consider "writers" because I feel ashamed that I have pushed writing into a dark corner and allowed cobwebs to accumulate upon it. Seeing your comment on Dana's blog just now pricked my conscience and so I was led back here to see if you are still standing on your head. Yes, you are, and with words that echo my own feelings just now.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and words with me (and all of us).

Anonymous said...

We all have these kind of days. Hope that with your new job and your hobby of photography and writing act as a theraphy for these times.

The photo is eye catching especially with the color combination of red and yellow.

Kay Cooke said...

Love that yellow building!
BTW Thanks for the Lion Award alert - I hadn't been looking ... just quietly I think your poem deserved to be up there.
I hope that you can get back to feeling good about things. I think you are a far more gracious, generous person than I will ever be.

mckay said...

"to learn how to inhabit the life I have with more grace and generosity"

you know it's a beautiful thought and a well written phrase when more than one person is inspired by it.

thanks for taking the time to compose and share of yourself.

the lady with one L sent me.

Michele said...

It is quite ironic that on a post that admits to grumpiness you chose a photo that vibrates with happiness. Yes, you said it was to cheer yourself up but I truly believe that only a person with a sunny disposition would pause to take a snapshot of cheer.

Although some people might blog due to a lack of social skills, I do not think that is true for everyone. Some blog to simply record and share moments of their days and to capture their thoughts on a page, yes it is an electronic page, but it is a page nonetheless.

I agree with mckay that "to learn how to inhabit the life I have with more grace and generosity" is a beautiful thought.

Thank-you Catherine for sharing many of your beautiful thoughts with us - even when you consider them as "grumpy" you offer them in a beautiful manner.

Yes, I sent myself and I am glad I did!