Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NaPoWriMo #28

Yesterday the poem a day from arrivd in my inbox, and on reading the poem I found a link to the term anaphora
This fancy term basically means the repetition of a word or phrase, for instance a list poem in which all the lines start with "I remember".
At readwritepoem the prompt for the day was a list of words, some of which reminded me of science, so I decided to try and fit all of them into a poem in which many of the lines started "the scientists". I'm not sure that the result makes much sense, but I did manage to use all of the supplied words. No, I'm not anti-science. But it's nearly the end of the month, and I'm feeling desperate for a bit of variety in what I've been writing.

These are the words supplied:
leaking, hardscrabble, lunacy, veins, nascent, backwards, specimens, cadence, wicked, crystalline, piggybanks, impossible

(Poem has now been removed)


Unknown said...

wow, this has wonderful metaphors. I especially like," The scientists have equations in their veins. Cut them an they leak solutions."

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, drat you!
I think I spent too long going "what the heck is 'hardscrabble'?!!"...