Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NaPoWriMo #13 and 14

Catching up, because I have been unwell for a couple of days and distinctly fuzzy headed.

I have missed out one prompt, "Where I Come From", I will catch up on that later.

The first of these two pieces was in response to a Readwritepoem prompt to use the following ten words in a poem: room, pool, hotel, acute, green, briny, changeling, singularity, jubilant, impugn. I have managed to fit in eight of them

Evening laughter in the bar, champagne
sipped from plastic glasses by the pool.
Lobby lush with potted palms, but
all the green here is fake. In the day
the corridors are deserted, except for
trolleys full of folded linen, tiny cakes
of soap. The maid vacuums rooms,
restocks the minibar, clears bottles,
stained sheets, used condoms. The maid
thinks she is a changeling, a water nymph,
she is only doing this job until her real family
claim her back, in a singularity in time,
when in one jubilant moment she will return
to her clean, briny home.

The second is for the prompt "Road trip" - write something about cars

Road Trip UK
You could stay on the motorways forever,
pull over each night at a service area
for fuel and a bed in a generic motel,
never see the countryside. Or choose
country lanes, surrounded by beauty,
but nowhere to stop and take it in.
Hedges and stone walls press in on us
- we fold in the side mirrors. Each night
we arrive at a small town after dark,
find somewhere to stay. The morning's for
seeing the sights, then move on. Ancient and modern
tumbled together - Stonehenge is owned by crows.
We file meekly round the guard wire, while the birds
regard us from the top of megaliths. On either side
there is a motorway, cars speeding by without stopping.


James said...

I really like "Road Trip UK." The image of the crows at Stonehenge is great.

Irene said...

'Hotel' is a very good poem.Love the imagery and especially the humour with regard to the waitress. A bit jealous of this one.