Thursday, April 02, 2009

NaPoWriMo #2

On My Desk

there is a camera
which contains
a family picnic in the shade of trees
gravestones in an old cemetery
surrounded by pines
kelp on a windswept beach
a child swinging from a rope
over a rippling river
carved furniture in a country mansion
a single raindrop on a backlit rose

on my desk
there is a pinecone
which contains many trees
which may one day grow
to a forest where families picnic
may provide timber for craftsmen
may shade a cemetery
shelter a rose garden
may one day hold a rope
for children to swing on
laughter rippling


The prompt for this one over at ReadWritePoem was to note five objects that were close at hand, note two that were most dissimilar, and link them in a metaphor. I chose to juxtapose the two objects rather loosely rather than making the metaphor explicit by saying "A is B"

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gautami tripathy said...

Beautiful images here. Loved it.

sweat trickles down my back

LA Nickers said...

Super start to the month!

NaPoWriMo - April 2nd -


chocolate covered musings said...

i really love this. i think there's a real art in writing about ordinary objects and making them something extraordinary.

nicely done

one more believer said...

you did that so well...projected a mirrored image sorta....beautiful

Tamra said...

I like the way this poem returns to its beginning. Maybe it is more like a set of nested dolls that a circle, with one image revealing another and another and another. Great work.

Anonymous said...

Oh! You leave me speechless!