Saturday, April 04, 2009

Green Reflections

An old photo from my files. After a day at Warwick Castle, we came back to the car park and I spotted these reflections of foliage on our cobalt blue rental car - I just loved the colour combination

For Thematic Photographic - reflective


carmilevy said...

This picture is remarkable, Catherine. So glad you dropped by and shared the link. Consider me happily stunned by this pic! Amazing light and color!

Kay Cooke said...

That is an amazing photo - so random. I am enjoying your poetry a lot. You are doing so well ... I don't feel brave enough - and the fact that our internet was down all day yesterday doesn't help.

PastormacsAnn said...

Oh. my. word! This is stunning. Looks like the reflection could be a really fancy paint job. Remarkable! Wonderful choice to share for Carmi's Reflective challenge!

I played along too albeit a bit too late. I like my photo so I decided to post it anyway.

And if you have a chance could you please stop by Sweetanlo's Reflective Post

She has an amazing reflective photo posted and is afraid that no one will see it since she posted so late.

It really is a great photo and ok I'm biased but it really is. ;-)