Friday, March 23, 2007

It's a New Zealand Thing...

I snapped this photo of the latest Tui billboard on the way to work this morning. Can you tell what it is advertising? This is a long-running ad campaign in which the left hand side of the billboard changes (it has a black background, but the photo has lightened it and picked up the fact that the previous lettering has been painted over). The right hand side is always the same - "yeah, right".

This phrase has come to represent Tui so much, that road signs pointing to their headquarters apparently read "Tui. Yeah, left".

Since I feature poetry on my blog regularly, I was rather taken by this version.


Pat said...

A wild uneducatd guess: pens or notebooks?
Michele said Hi!

Kay Cooke said...

I know but I won't tell!
I haven't seen this one yet, but will be looking out for it. Nice one!
I wonder if Northern Hemisphere dwellers will get the sarcastic tone to the 'Yeah, right'?

Catherine said...

Chief, when I did a google search I found the Dunedin one which says "Xtra fast broadband - yeah right" I didn't think the Northern Hemisphere dwellers would get that one either.
(The slow speed of "fast" broadband of which Xtra is the main provider is an ongoing issue in New Zealand)

Anonymous said...

Utenzi here. Michele sent me over, Catherine. Hi!

I Googled Tui and the prominent return was Tui Travel but it's based in the Netherlands, I think. I don't imagine that's the right one.

Oh! Beer, I see. I added NZ to the search. LOL Their corporate website does seem very marketing oriented! (I'm not so sure about being poetic tho)

Pat said...

Catherine - a courtesy call from Michele's because we got entwined.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like something my husband would say. Here's the conversation.

"Hey honey. Read this short story I wrote."

"You wrote this?"

"Yes. Off a prompt."

"You did not write this."

"I most certainly did to."

"Yeah, right."

lol Is that anything like the American Got milk campaign? *grin*

Michele says hello!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea. Wonder why it seems like so many of the most clever ads are the ones in which you can't tell what they're advertising.

Pat said...

When I say i am missing gentlemen callers I mean some have not bothered to call. That doen't mean I don't want women callers. All are very welcome and I think we should play by Michele's rules:)

Vid Digger said...

The only Tui I know of is what Utenzi mentioned in her comment.

Hi, Michele sent me!

Vid Digger said...

Also looks like an add for a new brand of cigarettes, hopefully not the candy kind.

Shephard said...

That reminds me of the line from Napolean Dynamite... "I caught you a delicious bass."
Billboards should be fun.
Popped over from Michele's.
~S :)

carmilevy said...

It's nice to know that advertising brilliance continues to survive and thrive.

Mind you, I have no clue what it's advertising. So we'll call it a superb image campaign.

I love when creative directors get their way!

-E said...

No idea what TUI is but I love the billboard :)

Michele sent me.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it works to get people to look. I'd be scratching my head, not being in on the inside joke. Tui?

Kristi Tencarre said...

I've been walking with you and enjoying the photos! I feel like I'm there! What a neat way to post. I love this billboard. I'd love to see more of their ads as I think they might be quite funny - those zany advertising types :-)