Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Bonus

Two posts today, so scroll down if you are looking for my Poetry Thursday post.
Thursday is one of my "non work" days. I got up feeling very grumpy. I think it's one of the longest spells of cold wet winter weather we've had in a long time. Usually we have lots of sunny days,crisp and frosty in the morning but warming up later. The weather and other things seem to be bugging me lately.

i decided that there's nothing like a spot of housework to cheer things up. You can tell I don't do this often, or I wouldn't think it was worth mentioning. I now have a shiny sparkly bathroom, even if it's not shiny and sparkly outside. I dusted lots of shelves and vacuumed. Then in honour of the return of my Kenwood mixer, I did a heap of baking and put it in the oven with a roast dinner. All of which put a smile on the face of the bottomless pit that is the teenage son.

I have been thinking about clocks. Both of my watches broke some months back. I haven't replaced them yet. Not because I don't care about the time, but because it's everywhere. There is an alarm clock in the bedroom. There is a wall clock in my studio. Then I moved the computer in here, so there is the clock on the computer as well. In the kitchen there is a digital clock on the stove, and another on the microwave. It's an open plan area combined with a dining/family room, so there is another clock on the DVD player. There is also my husband's grandfather's clock - which is a grandfather clock - but we tend to forget to wind it up. There are of course numerous other computers in the house, each with a clock, and there are alarm clocks in the other bedrooms as well.

There is a clock in my car, and at work we have five clocks so I can tell the time not only in Christchurch but also in Honolulu, Rome, London, Los Angeles, and New York. On the way to work I pass large clocks that tell me the time and also the temperature (which I really don't want to know at the moment). If I should ever get caught somewhere with no clock nearby, I can always check the time on my cellphone.

So, what do I need a watch for?


Pacian said...

I think it's one of the longest spells of cold wet winter weather we've had in a long time.

Wanna swap? Everyone in this hemisphere seems to be complaining about how stiflingly hot it is. Cold, wet weather seems like bliss...

Catherine said...

I agree, I don't like stifling heat much, either. But the cold gets tiresome after a while. New Zealand houses aren't often central heated or very well insulated, if we try and keep warm the electricity bill becomes very alarming. I am resorting to thermal underwear and two woollen jerseys over all the other layers.

carmilevy said...

I often wonder the same thing. I'm a bit watch-obsessed. I have a sports/water watch, a big metal diver's watch, a dress watch, a Mickey Mouse watch...

Sometimes, when I'm feeling like I need a treat, I buy a watch. I'm weird that way.

As a journalist, I feel bound by the clock. I'm so governed by deadlines that it's against my nature to take a few seconds to find the nearest clock on the wall. I trust only my wrist.

Still, I wish I could ditch the watch. When I'm on vacation, I love not wearing one at all. It's highly freeing.