Monday, July 03, 2006

A Good Day for Some

This news item in today's paper caught my attention. A local woman had her car stolen. A week later the police recovered it. There would be nothing newsworthy in that, except that it was recovered complete with a new battery, wheels, steering column and glove box. Its performance is also much improved - she no longer has trouble starting the car in cold weather.

(I can't help wondering though - were the parts used to fix it stolen, too? And if so, what is her legal position?)


carmilevy said...

Thieves' remorse, perhaps?

Good question on the legality/morality of the replaced parts.

Must think...

writingblind said...

That's weird. That's like some sort of thieves karma or something.

Deb R said...

Hhhmmm...well that's a different story, isn't it! If they have a follow-up story about the parts used, I'd be curious to hear the outcome!