Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year in Photos: February 2011

I didn't take many photos in the first part of February, but I did spot these child sized hard hats lined up on shelves outside a child care centre...

and this fellow posed on top of my recycling bin...

My daughter's peach tree bore a bumper crop. The bottling was done on February 21st...

and miraculously the jars didn't fall off the bench on February 22nd, though much of the rest of the city fell down:

The above photo shows where I was sitting (on the left) when the earthquake struck.

Below, our chimney in the driveway.

With power out for two days, candlelight quickly became unromantic:

Much of the city turned into a giant wet and sloppy sandpit:

and the banks of the river moved together, with the result that most bridges had rather odd V-shaped humps on either side:


Bob Scotney said...

Your pictures make me glad we don't live in an earthquake zone.
The greenfellow's great.

Gilly said...

I am extremely glad I don't live in an earthquake zone, too! But great photos - and I think the first one, of the hard hats is extremely good, so colourful, simple and tells a story in a way!