Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flap: the Earthquake Fundraiser

This post will stay at the top of the blog for a few weeks. For the latest update, scroll down.

As a fundraiser for the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal we are selling copies of Flap: the Chookbook 2 - a book of poetry from four talented Canterbury poets: Victoria Broome, Catherine Fitchett, Barbara McCartney and Christina Stachurski.

As Paypal can be a little tricky in New Zealand for overseas payments, we decided that the easiest way to work this would be as follows:
1) E-mail us at poetrychooks at gmail dot com to make sure there are enough copies left.
2) On confirmation of your copy, make a donation to the earthquake appeal -
either the New Zealand government appeal
or the New Zealand Red Cross (be sure to select "2011 earthquake appeal"
3) E-mail us your donation receipt and your name and address details, and we will post your copy.

The minimum donation is $NZ20 (about $US15 at current exchange rates) but of course you may donate as much as you wish.


Unknown said...

Today Catherine we wear red and black. I will go to sewing wearing red and black (and the quilt I am making just happens to be red and black) Donna our tutor is raffling a beautiful quilt for Canterbury. I didn't go out to dinner on my birthday.. the money went to the EQ fund..instead of a gave $100 to the EQ fund.. because you Cantabrians are in our thoughts all the time. Your blog posts are an amazing record of day to day coping in a situation I can scarcely comprehend. Kia kaha!

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks Catherine for your clear accounts of what it is like for you to pick up the pieces and go on living in Christchurch as it is now. Thinking of you.

linsketch said...
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