Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Postcards from Nundle

I photographed a lot of birds on our trip (making heavy use of zoom and crop)

My bird book suggests this is an Eastern rosella

and this is a crimson rosella

The Nundle woollen mill (see my last post but one)

Inside the mill - the machines were not working because it was a Sunday

This wool themed playground was a delightful surprise - there were a sheepdog and sheep instead of rocking horses, and the play hut was constructed to look like a woolshed. The supports for the swing were giant knitting needles.

The wonderfully old-fashioned Odgers and McLelland Exchange Stores. I also took photos inside, but won't share them as on the way out I spotted a "no photography" sign. We bought some cordial, and I would have liked to buy some honey but we would never have got it into New Zealand through agriculture checks (taken very seriously, with bags X-rayed in case there is something you forget to declare).

View from a hill behind the town (or should that be village?)

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Kay Pere said...

How interesting to see your pictures of the woolen mill! We visited the historic mills in Lowell, Massachusetts this past June and it was fascinating.

Glad you and your family made it through the recent shake-ups without damage, then got a respite from the aftershocks while away on vacation.

And thank you, so very much for sending the colorful post card. It was a lovely surprise.