Monday, October 18, 2010

Open for Business

The mayor of Christchurch wants us to spread the word - we are open for business!

So yes - although there are temporary fences around damaged buildings wherever you go, the weather is great, the flowers are blooming, and events are carrying on as normal. There is no shortage of good accommodation and restaurants that are open. It's still a good place to come for a holiday! The shaking? - Well, it might be a truck going past, or a sudden gust of wind (it's not, it's yet another aftershock, but they are harmless, really. Sometimes we don't notice any for a few days, and then there are several, but if you are out and about, you generally miss them.)

At the weekend the Indian community - and all of Christchurch with them - were celebrating Diwali in Victoria Square. I went along and took a few photos, though I didn't stay for the evening celebrations - Diwali is a festival of lights, so the event was planned to go on after dark.

The first photo shows the Diwali stars that decorated the area, and the second, some performers waiting backstage for their turn.

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