Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday Poem: The Godwit'sSon, by Kerrin P Sharpe

the godwit's son

left the world
in a feather bag

he left his cottage
his horse at the window
the warm wishes of snow

he left chimneys of willow
the dark voices
of dry stone flagstone

he left his mother
the whisky maker
unable to drink

and with hundreds of others
slept as he flew
and flew as he slept
to where he was

Kerrin P Sharpe

Used with permission.

"the godwit's son" is the final poem in Kerrin P Sharpe's latest collection from Victoria University Press, There's a Medical Name for This. The book was launched at the recent Christchurch Writers Festival, and Christchurch residents will have another chance to hear Kerrin read, tomorrow night (Wednesday) at the CPIT (starts 6.30 with open mic readers).

Kerrin completed Bill Manhire's original composition course in 1976 and published her first collection, Three Days in a Wishing Well, in 2012. Fortunately for her fans, it was not such a long wait for her second collection of beautifully strange and yet evocative poems.

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