Thursday, October 09, 2014

On Beauty

There was a lunar eclipse last night.For once, not only was New Zealand perfectly placed to see it, but the skies were clear. Those who saw it claim it was stunning. I didn't. Desperate for an early night, I had completely forgotten about it and gone to bed.

Nevertheless, if you really want to look at photos of the blood moon, you will find plenty all of the internet. As for me, for today's photo I have posted instead a shot of a tree that is just outside the door of my office. Because really, there is beauty everywhere, everyday. It's just that we don't notice it so much because it isn't rare.

A blood moon? Well, the sky was darker than it would normally be at the full moon, and the moon was redder. But a yellow moon is beautiful, too. And so is a sunset. And a rainbow. And any of the exquisite variety of flowers, and birds and all sorts of other things. So I refuse to be too disheartened at having missed the eclipse. (I would really like to see an aurora, sometime in my lifetime, though)


21 Wits said...

We had what they are calling it here more often, our "Blood Moon" and I saw and took a shot with my cell phone!

21 Wits said...

It actually was that color, okay possible more orange than red, but it was only that shade closer to the 5:30 a.m. time, as the morning grew on it's vibrant glow was becoming murky quickly!