Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tuesday Poem: View, by Christina Stachurski

My writing group, the Poetry Chooks, has been meeting since 1999. We had a slightly larger group to start with, but there are a core group of four who are still meeting now. These friends have been an amazing source of inspiration and support in my poetry writing efforts over all those years. This week I've chosen a poem by Christina Stachurski, one of the "chooks".

Spending all January trying to make one observation of detail each day, for A River of Stones, put me in mind of this poem by Christina. It comes not from our recent collection, Flap, but from our earlier book, The Chook Book. It is my favourite of Christina's from this collection. Although seemingly simple, it has always lingered with me.


From the gate
of the Selwyn St
the lines
of lives once
chisel sharp
have lost their edge

Blue daisies drift
among the loving
pink of roses,
dark yews brood

We take a photograph -
you, me, Esther, Greg -
capturing this light

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Elizabeth Welsh said...

I find the lines, 'the lines of lives once chisel sharp have lost their edge' very moving and almost haunting. It seems that these lines could encapsulate the whole poem. Lovely to have a poetry group, Catherine!

Helen Lowe said...

It does have a lingering, elegiac quality--fittingly, given the subject matter!

Kathleen Jones said...

I liked the contrast between the implied edges of the stones and the blurring drifts of flowers, punctuated by the yew trees.

Mary McCallum said...

Yes, those lines Elizabeth quotes are very strong and will stay with me. I also love the ending - the single word 'now' - a carpe diem cry.

Joseph Harker said...

Very bittersweet... I think it's unfair that the two of you (and two more) should have a little talent collective. But thank you for sharing the wealth. :)