Monday, November 01, 2010

A Part of History

I came across this photo when I was searching through my files for yellow images. I decided to post it, not because I think it's a particularly good photo, but because this building (photographed last year) is now history, having been badly damaged in the earthquake. It was demolished shortly after, and there is nothing there but a bare plot of land.

There is some discussion about using at least some of the bare plots as gardens until such time as they are built on again, instead of the default option of temporary parking lot. I hope this eventuates, the city could use the beautification.

I spent part of the weekend walking round the house with a pen and paper listing all the cracks in ceilings. These are mostly a result of aftershocks, rather than the original quake. And some were there before, but trying to remember which is a challenge. After all, most older houses have some settling over the years. I think that most of the damage is probably surface, as a result of the ceiling panels flexing in the shocks and tearing the lining paper. But we will put in an insurance claim and have it assessed to be sure.

For more yellow photos, visit Thematic Photographic here


carmilevy said...

I'm so glad you captured this building before it was taken down. There's something so sad about losing architecture before its time. Yet nothing is permanent, I suppose, so I reckon we should all be shooting everything around us in advance of the day that it all goes away.

Another reason why I love cameras: They freeze time!

I so love this color.

21 Wits said...

I really enjoy this Thematic Photographic photo's so interesting, especially when you see places from all over the world really. This looks like such an innocent and charming building, sad to hear it is gone...what was it before it came down?