Wednesday, April 07, 2010

NaPoWriMo #7: An Image Prompt

On days like today I wonder why I let myself in for writing a poem a day for a month.
I left home for work in the morning, then from work picked up my daughter who is cleaning out her flat, dropped her on our doorstep with her bags and boxes, and headed off to the Madras Cafe Bookshop for another in the Canterbury Poets' Collective's autumn poetry reading series.

I finally arrived home after nine, ate dinner then turned to the prompt for the day.
This was Readwritepoem's day 6 prompt (since the prompt doesn't turn up here till the evening, I use it for the next day's poem). The task, to take an image and use it as the basis for a poem. I looked at a number of images last night but nothing inspired me - I think because my poetry tends to be ideas based rather than image based. It often includes images but the idea comes first.

However, on my desk at work was a calendar with rather surreal images from painter Andrew Bond. I brought it home with me and used bits and pieces from several images to compose today's poem - many of the images seem to be a protest against the expansion of dairy farming on the dry Canterbury Plains.

I may expand on this piece in the future, however for now this will have to do.

(All NaPoWriMo poems have now been removed for possible editing and submissions. Contact me if you would like to read them.)


swiss said...

what i like -

anything with 'here be dragons' in it

mad crazy lines like the two that follow on

new words - titipounamu just ahd to be something. and it is!

there is no possible means by which i can't enjoy this. thanks!

robkistner said...

The read was engaging Catherine – well done…
Image & Verse

flaubert said...

Beautiful poem!