Thursday, April 29, 2010

NaPoWriMo #29

(All NaPoWriMo poems have now been removed for possible editing and submissions. Contact me if you would like to read them.)

The prompt at Readwritepoem was Intuition. This poem may or may not be on prompt - it is something that came to me in an intuitive way as I was arriving home from work.


Anonymous said...

I like the image of ornamental ducks. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Nice; bears re-reading several times, to imprint the scene on the mind.

Anonymous said...

a lot of wonderful imagery here.

Anonymous said...

What a conclusion to draw. A wonderful surprise in a beautiful piece.

Anonymous said...

Great poem Catherine – the twist at the end is quite a brave move, but it works!

Once again, you're getting better and better as the month goes on. Maybe you should keep going for another month?

one more believer said...

a beautiful sky and river this place where life is born.... a life in the day