Friday, January 04, 2008

Still in Holiday Mode

I have to go to work today, which seems almost attractive. At least I am looking forward to spending the day in an air-conditioned room. It's been hot here. Not Texas hot, but hot enough for a temperate-climate lass like me.

So, I am still easing into my goals for the year by spending a lot of time "clearing the decks". (Translate: reading old magazines and occasionally throwing one into the recycling). I've sorted photos from my trip, and historic family photos that I scanned into the computer, and had some printed while a local stationery shop was offering 15 cent prints. I did a little light gardening later in the afternoon yesterday, and by the time I was done I was dripping with sweat, which didn't encourage me to go for a vigorous uphill walk. But after all, I'm on holiday, right?

I know when our plums are nearly ripe because I start hitting my head on the branches when I walk along the path. They are weighed down with their burden. I found myself contemplating the idea of lying on the lawn under the umbrella-tree and gazing at the sky. Probably a better way of spending my time than playing sudoku on the computer. I may try it over the weekend. It won't be long before the lawn is covered in squishy ripe plums and then it will be way too messy for bathing in dappled light.

Oh, and I missed posting yesterday, so I am officially not joining the group who plan to write a blog post every single day of 2008. Well, that's a relief!


Jan said...

There's no way I could post daily! I think blogging is great but sometimes once you start, time flies faster than at any other occupation....WHY is this??!!

Kay Cooke said...

Love reading about other peoples' goals for the new year ... not sure what mine are - may blog on them at some stage ... then again, may not either! Maybe i am going to be a bit like that this year.

Omykiss said...

That's the trouble with NZ weather ... either too hot, too cold, too wet or too windy to exercies outdoors ... i joined a gym for the first time in my life ... i know, i know ....