Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Little Things Make a Difference

i finally had a bunch of holiday photos printed, while there was a special offer on at a local stationery shop - 15 cents a print. Then I went rummaging in cupboards as I had a feeling I had an old photo album or two tucked away. And yes, I did find one that was completely empty, and had space for 500 photos.

There's only one problem - it was produced in the days when photos were printed 3 x 5 inches, and mine are 4 x 6 inches. It doesn't seem as if it is a big difference, and yet the layout for 3 x 5 fits five photos to a page by careful layout, whereas the newer albums for 6 x 4 prints only manage two to a page.

It suddenly occurred to me that we waste huge amounts of resources just by insisting on making things a little bigger and better.

Oh the other hand, a suggestion I saw that we would save several tons of iron if everyone used one less staple a day seems ridiculous. (Wouldn't it be better to use fewer tin cans instead?)


m said...

Hi Catherine

agree with the tin can stuff but I do succumb as lychees aften only come incans and they remind me of SA..oh dear and beans as I cant' be bothered to soak.. I must be better about this. Do you get organic box deliveries of produce in NZ? I used to get a box evey other week all lose and local.

Kay Cooke said...

I always appreciate your common sense approach to life Catherine.
A lot of people who make decisions are just the opposite. Silly people. (Have you ever thought of entering politics - I'd vote for you!)

January said...

I agree with CB. Your down-to-earth style would serve you well in public office.


Deb said...

I appreciate that you notice the little things. They do add up. But then, the big things - like the completely idiotic and selfish things the US does - seems to overcome it all. But onward I say. And work for change.


BTW, I stopped by to say that ReadWritePoem is up and at "em. Would love to see you there if you are inclined.

susan said...

Not really related but I've meant to share with you that I once knew a poet from Christchurch and everytime I visit your blog I think of her. We no longer correspond, but now I have another connection to a place I'd like to visit one day. I'm glad I stumbled unto your blog.

MsT said...

Catherine, Michele sent me again and I am so happy to comment on this post. I too find this resizing such a waste! Printers, cell phone chargers, post office requirements for greeting card sizes etc - this all creates so much waste. Regarding the tin cans, are they making an assumption that it's easier to recycle the cans than the staples?

Catherine said...

Dara, my point was this - I've been using the same box of staples at work for about five years. Maybe if I try very hard to use fewer, I could make it last for ten. That's about the same amount of metal as a couple of tin cans, I think. With a little thought I could easily save that much metal in a week by using fewer tin cans -so much more worth doing than worrying about staples, in my opinion.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I try to use as few tin cans as possible, staples too, you're certainly right though about the scale of effect in reducing use of these items.