Monday, October 02, 2006

Still Wondering...

...about the bagpiper I encountered yesterday. Why was he up in the hills playing the pipes? I have a few suggestions and would be very glad to hear any more contributions.

1) His wife won't let him practise at home.
2) His next-door-neighbour won't let him practise at home.
3) The people in the next street won't let him practise at home.
4) He is doing scientific research into the effects of bagpipe music on sheep.
4) He is practising for an upcoming family reunion. To celebrate 150 years settlement in New Zealand his family plan to have a bagpiper lead them over a narrow mountain track to their greatgrandfather's original homestead. Therefore he has to hone his ability to play the bagpipes while walking over a narrow, hilly, stony track.

Any more ideas?


Karen said...

All I can say is that 5 minutes with a bagpiper would be like 5 minutes of hell for me - yeesh! I agree with #1!

Here via Michele's today. Have a great day!

Jayne said...

Maybe...there's just something wonderful about the sound of a bagpipe reverberating in the hills.

colleenR said...

I think it's the acoustics. I came across one once up here in the Blue Ridge of Virginia playing.

colleenR said...


Crafty Green Poet said...

We went for a walk once on one of the hills in Edinburgh and there was a bagpiper playing behind a gorse bush - we wondered why too! Never worked it out!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

A bagpiper? now that would be something interesting to encounter in my day.

Here via Michele's again