Monday, October 09, 2006


1. As an extra to the photos of the quilt exhibition I went to, I found a couple of reviews of Sue and Galina's earlier exhibition, Merging Traditions, in the magazine of an organisation called the Chrysalis Seed Trust. It can be found online here, with photos (scroll down to page 21)

2. I rang the post office about the stolen mail bag I referred to last week. Although the letter we received said that they didn't know what was in the bag, the customer service centre told me it contained "large flats" - mostly EziBuy catalogues and Avenue magazines (a local lifestyle magazine). I think the thief was probably very surprised to find his/her efforts had netted multiple copies of the same mail-order catalogue and the same magazine! You'd think they might peek, and choose a bag more likely to contain cheques and cash! I have decided that probably we are not missing anything important. I don't subscribe to the magazine, and my copy of the same mail-order catalogue arrived today.

3. I decided to try and visit all the Sunday Scribblings websites this week. I think I'll live to regret it. I've managed about twenty so far, and there are usually around seventy to ninety participants. I suppose I can always keep going for a week or two until I get to them all.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. My wife (Sparkling Diamond) and I love creating literary characters while people watching. Although Asheville is always a fun place to do that, we always manage to come across even more "material" when visiting Gatlinburg, TN. Must be the cross section of Americana that invades that poor, little town.

Oh, and the two of us would be remiss if we failed to share how envious we are of you living in New Zealand!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Dropping by to say hi via michele's. Have a lovely Monday.

rel said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.
Your photos are delightful, and show a bucolic beauty I prize so much.
Dr. John is a very entertaining fellow.
you can find him here:
check him out......