Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Pantry Clearing

I'm continuing with my plan to declutter by using up, rather than throwing out. At some time in the past I bought a packet of couscous - perhaps I was trying out a recipe that required it, I can't remember now. I found the taste rather bland, so it has been sitting around largely unused.

I decided it was time for it to go. I made up a single serving quantity, soaked cut up dried apricots in hot water, and added them to the couscous along with left over cooked pumpkin and kumara (sweet potato). I also added some cinnamon and cumin. It ended up tasting reasonably good, although I might increase the spices next time.

If I make some for lunch once a week for the next month or two, that will take care of that packet.

I'm guessing it would appeal to vegetarians. I also had a couple of cans of chickpeas that I had bought to make kumara and chickpea burgers. Basically, they are made from cooked mashed kumara, the drained chickpeas and a pot of bought hummus, whizzed together in the blender with coriander (cilantro) and other flavourings. Then brown in a little hot oil. I rather like them, but my family are confirmed meat eaters so I had the chickpeas sitting round for quite a long time.

In deference to their tastes, I cooked some gourmet sausages as well. The burgers are good with sauces such as tomato salsa, and the jar of capsicum and apricot salsa that is sitting in the fridge.

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Unknown said...

Couscous! Have you been watching Peta Mathias Unplugged in Marrakech on Prime? I was lucky enough to be there with her! Your burgers sound delicious! I like the idea of eating through the pantry..although a scary infestation of pantry moth in my kitchen meant a big throw out and I'm very careful now!