Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blue #3

When I stopped to take the photo in the previous post I noticed quite a large number of pukeko in the adjacent field. I had to use all my zoom to get this photo (and then crop it).

The English name for these birds is "swamp hen" though it is not much used these days. They can fly, but look rather ungainly while doing so. Mostly, they like damp fields, so it must be the winter weather that is bringing them out in large numbers. They are one of our more colourful native birds, although the light on that particular day made it difficult to bring out the brightness of the blue plumage. I may go back and try again.


Unknown said...

I have enjoyed both your posts. I do like pukeko. There are plenty down at the lake where I often walk and they are real characters. Loved the poem about onion farming. My mum at one stage lived in Pukekohe beside an onion paddock.
The skins the colour of old vellum.. I like that.

Kay Cooke said...

Great images and words to go with. A wonderful combination of imagination and vision.