Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thematic Photographic: Orange

I've had great intentions lately of posting more often, and in particular, I did intend to come back to my blog several times last week and put up new photos for Carmi's Thematic Photographic.

I have to admit it, though, it probably won't happen. So, when Carmi announced this week's theme, orange, I decided to post a whole bunch of photos in one go. Interestingly, most of my favourite orange photos seem to have some blue in them.

One of my earliest favourites taken on my first small digital camera:

Shipping containers stacked in the rail yard between my home and the city:

Boats in the port of Lyttelton:

Kayaks on the beach at Paihia (clearly not summer as this is a holiday resort which would be crowded in season):

All this blue and orange reminds me, I must finish this small quilt sometime:


Mona Sweden said...

I love all your orange photos, but I think the first one with the butterfly is my favourite. It's a beautiful close-up, sharp and crispy. It's perfect!

Light and Voices said...

My favorite is the butterfly image also.
Joyce-Illinois said...

Absolutely love the butterfly and you gave me a reminder of a photo I have of a Kayak.

Here is My Orange

Dana said...

Blue and orange just go so well together as direct complements. I love seeing all these photos grouped like this.

carmilevy said...

They're all such powerful photos, Catherine, and all for different reasons. You tell such richly diverse stories, both in words and in pictures. This journey of orange exemplifies what sets you apart. Thank you for sharing these.

carmilevy said...

Oh, before I forget: I'm tossing around ideas for next week's theme. Did you have any in mind? I'm going to start asking my favorite bloggers for suggestions - and I'm starting with you.

Please let me know if any themes tickle your fancy....feel free to e-mail me at carmilevy AT gmail DOT com

flowers of my mind said...

I love orange!
thanks for sharing Catherine