Saturday, June 24, 2006

Where I Live

Last week when we had all the snow, I drove home from work and caught a magnificent view of the hills south of the city covered in snow, from the top of a railway overbridge. Unfortunately it wasn't a good spot to stop the car and take a photo, and it was about to get dark.

On Thurday I was sitting here typing up my Poetry Thursday post, looked out the window and saw big melty flakes falling. Just then K.T. Tunstall sang "oh, what is that snow falling down?" Or did she? I checked the CD insert for the lyrics and found it was actually "what is in store for me now?" Sometimes we hear what we want to hear.

When the sky cleared, I hung out of my son's bedroom window and got this shot of the hills, not so much snow as last week but still quite pretty.

Today I have been playing with google maps.
This is the link to the satellite view of the area around my home - you can see the river winding around in a big loop. It is lined with willow trees. The hills are the open area to the south (you may have to scroll down).

Just for good measure here is a link to a satellite view of the Palace of Versailles. I think this looks simply stunning from above. And you can zoom in close enough to see the tourists queueing for entry.


Anonymous said...

That is quite pretty. Today, I am looking out the window at sun, sun, sun and the never-ending green of the quivering trees.

paris parfait said...

Beautiful photo! It's green and sunny here, although it rained earlier. It's funny seeing the satellite map from Versailles - just 30 minutes down the road from me - on a site from New Zealand.