Monday, June 13, 2011

Here We Go Again

More aftershocks, a 5.5 just on lunchtime which had me jumping under my desk - then, after lunch when I was beginning to calm down and focus on work again, a 6.0 which shut off the power to over 50,000 homes (including where I work) and stopped work for the day.

So, not quite back to square one, but there is plenty of new damage:

Our local volunteer library after September 4th - cracks in the block work, causing safety fencing to be erected around it.

After February 4th, looking distinctly the worse for wear

After this afternoon's effort - now we can see right through the building to the house on the other side.

This was taken in the main road a couple of blocks from our house. Not as bad as February 22nd, when I had to take off my socks and shoes, roll my trousers up and wade through here to get home. Nevertheless, there is enough liquefaction, along with damage to water and sewer mains, to set back the recovery effort significantly.

We were very glad to get our power back on again just as it was getting dark, although we had already got out our emergency supplies - candles in jars half filled with sand to keep them stable, a gas heater, a hand cranked torch, a transistor radio, and our emergency water. The water pressure is very low and the sewage system is damaged again (not that it had been completely repaired yet). There are still 47,000 households without power and they are not likely to get it back on tonight.


Pip said...

I've been thinking of you (and others) all day. Glad to hear you are physically ok, if literally and figuratively shaken again.

lillyanne said...

Bloody hell, Catherine. So good to hear you're OK.

Claire Beynon said...

Yes, bloody hell, Catherine. . . so sorry this is happening. Relieved to know you are safe. Candles in glass jars burning here, too. Take best care - Claire

Unknown said...

I keep shouting at Papatuanuku.. Enough is enough.. settle down for goodness sake! Take care Catherine. Glad to read you are ok.

AJ Ponder said...

Thinking of you all in Christchurch, especially the poor souls with no power.

CorvusCorax12 said...

was just watching some of it on the must be so scary..sending my love and hope things calm down

Kathleen Jones said...

So sorry Catherine - am thinking of you. You must all be wondering when it's going to stop.

Jennifer Compton said...

oh no oh dear enough already

Leonie Wise said...

Thanks for the update. Glad to know you are okay.

Those photos really do give a sobering view of the damage over time.