Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Poem: Young Woman Marries the Farmer's Son, by Marisa Capetta

young woman marries the farmer's son

your first voice is the moon
suspended in billows
of red dam water

courtship brushes silent
black beetles from the hem
of my white cotton skirt

kiss me in summer hay paddocks
in a fox scented dawn,
on gravel roads along
barbed wire fences

white silk organza is stained
by glass bees our vows
are door frames in eroded mud
walls unroofed by a siege

of bougainvillea our vows are carved
in the flesh of small windfall apricots
and fit whole in our mouths

© Marisa Capetta 2010

Marisa Capetta is a Christchurch jewellery designer and poet. She was born in Rome and has lived in the USA and New Zealand.

Marisa read this poem towards the end of last year at one of the gapfiller events. Gapfiller is an organisation aiming to make creative use of the many blank spaces in our city where earthquake damaged buildings have been demolished. I was happy to read recently that they have received some City Council funding, so that they will be able to have more events.

I was captivated by Marisa's mysterious and lush use of language in this poem.

For Tuesday Poem.


Janis said...

There's something very languid and lovely about this poem. And what a great idea Gapfiller sounds!

Elizabeth Welsh said...

This sent shivers up my spine. Such an idyllic piece of poetry. And thank you for posting the information about Gapfiller - what a energizing idea to help recreate the city.

Kathleen Jones said...

I could taste the apricots! And I loved the imagery of vows as door frames.

Helen Lowe said...

I love "our vows are carved/
in the flesh of small windfall apricots/
and fit whole in our mouths"--and the whole poem in fact!