Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Surfacing Again

For a while, I was struck by spring fever - making the most of the first of the warm weather to get out in the garden, and pursue other projects. I didn't intend to take more than a few days break from blogging. But for many reasons I did take a longer break, and what it comes down to is that I have enough routine obligations in my life, without imposing another one on myself.

Still, I don't want my many loyal readers (two or three, I suspect) to think I've disappeared into a dark hole.

When I started blogging I came across the Daily Photo Blogs from cities around the world. It occurred to me it would be cool to post a daily Christchurch photo, but I resisted the temptation, knowing that it would be hard to keep up the once a day routine. Instead, Michelle took up the challenge, and I have been enjoying her vision of our city here.

I still like to get out from time to time and explore parts of the city I haven't really discovered properly. Last weekend I did just that, taking a stroll through the Lichfield Lanes area. These are supposed to "revitalise the inner city". Which means that there are a lot of bars and restaurants, and that at midday on a Sunday it is very quiet, almost deserted.

There are some rather quirky wall decorations

and I wasn't the only person taking photographs.

More photos to come.

And on a different note, when I arrived home from work today, I found I had won $200.00 worth of book tokens in a prize draw from North and South magazine. That's about six to eight good quality paperbacks worth (books are dear in New Zealand) but still a very nice amount to dream of spending. Doing the happy dance !


rashbre said...

I like the look of the Lichfield Lanes. We have some parts of London with a similar vibe. Surprising that it would be deserted on a SUnday (although I suppose the City of London is like that too).

Congrats on the book token prize.

I'd like to add a further (dubious?) one to your reading heap, based upon the preview copies of my first novel 'The Triangle' just arriving. Please ping me an email with an address and I'll shoot a copy over!

best rashbre (

leonie.wise said...

oh those bikes look fantastic. i think i'd be stopping for a photo there too :)

awesome news on the book token winnings, enjoy!