Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thematic Photographic: Single

At Carmi's blog this week the Thematic Photographic theme is single.

I looked through my photos pondering birds (plenty of those), "single tree in bare landscape" ( a few of those too), and then came across a selection of animal photos taken at Orana Park, our local wildlife park. So, cute furry animals it is.

This is an Asian small clawed otter. It is actually quite difficult to capture one on its own as they tend to move like a chorus line. they seem to be almost telepathic in their ability to get up and move together. However they had to go single file to get through the hollow log.

The meerkats are group animals too, but they do stand a little apart from each other, looking very alert as they take turns on sentry duty.


Love 2Bs said...

Nice shots! It's so hard to capture those critters so clearly...well done.

My Thematic photo is up here:
Come by and check it out. said...

very very cool!!

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Great shots! I particularly love the otter :)

carmilevy said...

Great pictures! Knowing how fast these critters move, to capture them so perfectly is a major challenge.

A major wireless carrier is featuring meerkats in its current ad campaign. They're so adorable, but I'm willing to bet they'd make lousy house pets :)