Friday, May 01, 2009

A Few Extra Bits and Pieces

Here's the link to the Speight's commercial from which I took the refrain for yesterday's poem.
(Quicker to do it this way than to figure out how to embed a Youtube clip).


I did intend to post an extra poem for the last Readwritepoem NaPoWriMo prompt. However, I did reach thirty poems in thirty days, and I've had a really busy week. Since it's evening here when the prompt goes up, and since it turned out that I needed to wait for members to contribute lines for me to choose from, and since I've been at work all day and then had family here for dinner, I decided that enough was enough.

For those who need a fix of poetry, hop on over to readwritepoem and you will find plenty of links to other blogs. There are some really good ones out there.


The first time I was invited to a book launch, I felt as if I was really quite cool :). Real writers wanted me at their book launch! Then I realised that this is New Zealand. Everyone knows everyone else, once you are on any sort of mailing list you will get all sorts of invitations - after all, the idea is to sell books, so the more people who come, the better.

I still really enjoy going to book launches though even if I'm more realistic about it. Last night's was the launch of Fiona Farrell's new novel, Limestone. Fiona is both a poet and novelist. She spent six months in Ireland on a writer's residency, and both her book of poems published in 2007, The Pop-Up Book of Invasions, and her new novel, arose out of that experience. At the launch of both of these books, Fiona's readings were interspersed with selections of Irish harp music from Helen Webby. Both the readings and the music made it a highly pleasurable experience. The selections that I heard lead me to believe that reading the book (which I bought) will be an equally pleasurable experience.

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