Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thematic Photographic: Winter

When Carmi posted his new theme for Thematic Photographic - winter - I knew I would have to dig into my archive of photos, since winter is quite a way off downunder. My first thought was to choose among my snowy photographs, but to be honest, it doesn't snow very often here. Of course when it does, I rush for the camera, but I've posted the best of those before.

Instead, I thought I'd select some photos from a winter holiday we took a few years back. Most of them don't look in the least wintry, since first we headed to Queensland in Australia with temperatures warm enough for swimming. When we got back it was snowing (but as I said, I'll skip the snow photos). I spent a couple of days catching up on work, laundry etc and then we headed north for the second half of our holiday. The snow had stopped, but it was cold and windy. And halfway through the drive up the east coast of the South Island, P received a text message on his phone to say that our ferry sailing had been cancelled, and we were rescheduled some six hours later.

Since we now had plenty of time, we stopped for some exercise on a deserted beach nowhere in particular (and yes, you can see snow on the mountains in the background).

After reaching the North Island, and another day's drive, we had a week's holiday in which all my photos seem to have beautiful bright blue skies. And then we headed back, driving through snow again on the high semi-alpine plateau in the middle of the island, and photographing icicles beside the road. We reached Wellington, only to find that our ferry sailing back had also been delayed due to rough seas, and had a two or three hour wait in our car on the wharf.

The rather aptly-named "Pacific Wind" viewed through the windscreen of the car, with little sparkly bits due to the rain on the windscreen.


Glennis said...

Very nice - beautiful windswept beach photo! I love the texture molded into the sand.

Endment said...

Just for one day - I would like to trade - it is cold here and that beach looks so lovely :)

Kay Cooke said...

Wintry adventures indeed - I hope you had a good book to read during that long wait at the ferry terminal! Winter doesn't seem that far off herein Dunedin these days. I hope the usual mild autumn temps don't bow down to the more wintry variety this year.

Light and Voices said...

I am especially fond of your photo "Pacific Wind." The reason is the raindrops on the photo. It is so different.

Anonymous said...

I felt the saltspray on my face - I love the beach in winter!