Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Photo

I've put this photo up so I can add it to my profile as per instructions on blogger. The only problem is that when I follow the instructions and then try and save the profile, I get an error message. Grrr. Maybe I'll try again later.

Update: I should have read all the instructions. There are two URLs with a photo on blogger, the first is the large version and the second is the small version. Using the second one worked, the first must have been above the size limit.

The photo is in honour of my new haircut. And the autumn maples in our yard, which are losing their leaves fast. (Although the one in the background here is still greener than most).

I've been tweaking my blog a bit lately. I also added the poem that gives the blog its title to my profile. And I updated some of my links. What I really want to do is to come up with a fancy graphic for the header, but I'm a bit nervous about trying in case I mess the whole blog up.


sparrow said...

some how landed to ur blog.....u are so very much cutie...cudnt help myself to not comment.....u look so elegant and cute:))

Deb R said...

I really like the haircut and the photo!!

FWIW, some blogger templates are much easier to customize than others. The first one I tried, I couldn't get a custom banner to work at all. The one called "minima" is easiest to customize, IMO.

Annie said...

I have a liquid amber in my front yard that's leaving a beautiful amber coloured carpet on the grass right now. Thank you for sharing this post.

I started customising my own template a couple of years ago and the lastest one I did from scratch. You could always create a 2nd blog, copy your template over there use that for your experiements. That way your real blog isn't mucked up when you start out.

Tia said...

The haircut is very nice! And congrats on the 15 kg lost! That is a big accomplishment!