Thursday, February 01, 2007


For Poetry Thursday

We were invited to write a poem using the language of science. It was suggested fro instance that we start with the formula "let x equal".

My response is a little different. My first encounter with scientific method was in the later years of primary school, when we did small experiments with titles like "How do we know that air exists?". This is when I was introduced to the methodical setting out of experiments in sections. As far as I recall, they were titled "to show", "method", "results" and "conclusion". For some reason this is what first made me fall in love with science.

So, here is my rough draft of a poem based on those four sections:


To show:
that the (he)art
and love
in spring and the moon
in June
or any other time makes the world go
round or
square or any other

If there is any since love
is not methodical but
if love be madness
there may yet be method in it

If love is not blind then
at least it produces
hallucinations of perfection
temporary amnesia
possibly followed by small irritations
assuming unreasonable proportions
and an inevitable cooling which is not measurable
with a thermometer

which is what we have learnt
or alternatively which is an end
at least until the next time
when it all starts again.


Crafty Green Poet said...

This is excellent. I love how you've used the scientific language and your poem is so true about love as well!

Anne Camille said...

I like the way you set this up like lab experiment notes. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Love. The most elusive of all elements. The rarest of compounds. Sought after by all, discovered by few.

Great poem.



Anonymous said...

what fun to use the scientific method! in school, i never really liked it (it seemed too flexible, too easy to manipulate for something that was supposed to prove or disprove something) BUT in poetry, i like it!

Julie said...

I think I like your version of the prompt better. I' resisted tackling this one but may have to rethink it now. Well done!

gautami tripathy said...

I like the conclusion part.

Straight Curves

Regina said...

Hee hee... like a science experiment! This was very inventive and so well done!

twilightspider said...

This is so well done and you've come up with SO many strong lines, I can't possibly pick a favorite. And the best part is that it's all SO true. We really never learn anything, do we?

Unknown said...

Interesting poem! I love the way today's poems are far more philosophical than mathematical - they are making me think outside the box of my mind a little further...

Nice work!

la vie en rose said...


Unknown said...

Very interesting. Maybe our next prompt, to follow math, should be science.

Kay Cooke said...

I love this it is seamless, succinct, wry and wonderful! My blog's comments seem to be disabled just now so I am trying to get blogger to look at the situation - I may have to move otherwise ... Urrrgghhh!

richard pierce said...

I love the Results stanza. It is truth, and life is the proof. BB

Rethabile said...

Nice. Cummings sounding. The "(he)art" thingy is telling, too.

Anonymous said...

nothing short of brilliant. i love what you have done with the prompt.