Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Last Tuesday Walk

Tuesday morning is when I go walking with my neighbour (and sometimes her dog Bella).
Today instead of walking in our own neighbourhood I suggested we drive out to the beach. It was a beautiful morning. We walked along the beach past Cave Rock, past the mums and small children playing in the sand:

as far as Shag Rock:

and then back along the beach

to where we had parked the car.
Then we stopped at a restaurant and had morning tea - which by that time was really lunch.
After getting home I found that I was feeling rather sad as this may be the last Tuesday morning walk. The reason for that is that it looks as if I will soon be working fulltime. The details aren't finalised yet, so I will wait and reveal more later.
There are going to be two challenges: one is the challenge of the new job, and the other is the challenge of readjusting my life and finding time to work, run the house, and still be creative.


Tia said...

That is a big shift. Good luck with everything working out the way you want. I know you will eventually find a balance again. Somehow I seem to accomplish more the busier I am. Which means, right now I get barely anything done.........

Deb R said...

What beautiful photos. And it looks so WARM. (sigh)

I hope you find the balance between work and your personal life again quickly if your job changes!

Endment said...

Wonderful memories!
Change - I am finding I like my life as it is... Yet change is part of living... Hope your new job gives you lots of creative opportunities :)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely photos. I hope you manage to find lots of time to be creative even when you're working full time.