Saturday, November 18, 2006

Making Plans

It is a long weekend here and I am getting very little done, probably because I planned to work on writing poetry. Whenever that happens I seem to procrastinate a lot. I find I get the most done if I jot a few notes down, go off and dig the garden and let the poem write itself in my head.

Unfortunately it is cold and wet, even though it's nearly summer, so that plan isn't working too well either. The air is so damp that the washing isn't even getting dry in the dryer, let alone on the line. I've been pruning the grape vine which grows so fast at this time of year it's hard to keep up, but the lawns will have to wait as they are too damp for the mower.

In the meantime, we have our accommodation bookings for next year's big trip: a week at Barnsdale Country Club which is in the English Midlands, where my husband's ancestors come from, followed by a week at Macdonald Forest Hills Resort near Stirling in Scotland, where my family comes from. From what I gather, it's a very historic part of Scotland with lots to see.
We will have a bit short of a week either side to move around, staying in bed and breakfasts, and seeing some of the outlying areas. We may or may not have a stopover on the way - Hong Kong or Singapore seem to be the favourite airline offerings. We are debating whether to fly in to Heathrow, or avoid the congestion and security issues there by flying into Manchester instead (which reduces the choices in airlines, but may be worth it). I'm not really looking forward to the LOOOOONG flight in uncomfortable airline seats - but I'm hoping it will be worth it!

I think when I get back I'll be planning the next trip, to fit in all the places there won't be time to see this time.


Anonymous said...

I like to be alone too! But I can go so overboard with that, which is what I meant about Joe saving me from myself. He sort of forces me to have some balance and in the end it's good!

I love the poetry lies below!

David Edward said...

sounds lovely
nearly summer you say?
today in my part of california it felt like summer again 66 degrees and bright sun. here from michele

Deb R said...

Your trip sounds like it'll be wonderful. I'd be dreading that long of a flight too, but I think it'll be worth it!

Unique Designs from Zazzle said...

Hey Catherine, come check out my site for a little visual poetic inspiration to get you ramped up for poetry.

cheers from Michele's


srp said...

Here from Michele.
The trip sounds fantastic although, like you I am not fond of air travel these days. Add a little Ireland scenery in there too and I think you're set.

verniciousknids said...

Personally, I'd do anything I could to avoid arriving in just adds extra stress to an already lengthy journey!

Michele says hi.

Catherine said...

Thanks for the views on Heathrow - I suspected as much. I'm also wondering whether it's worth flying on Emirates, it costs more, but I'm assuming you get more comfort for the extra dollars, or they wouldn't stay in business. They are one of the airlines that offer the Manchester option (the other is Singapore Airlines). The only international airports I'm used to are Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney. All probably rather small cheeses in the airline world.

Mike said...

Sounds like you are planning a great trip.

Here from Michele

craziequeen said...

I have a medieval banquet planned this weekend, with my new re-enactment group.

Hope you have a wonderful trip.

Here via Michele